Though the supplier’s description stated these Mayan Rose maincrop potatoes didn’t need chitting, a quick check after they arrived in mid-February showed they had already begun to sprout. I had no choice but to bring them out into the light.

The fifteen potatoes above are mine, the four below went to my brother.

On 19 March, I emptied the final two of last year’s potato bags. I was on the hunt for enough ‘Pink Fir Apples’ to make a potato salad for tea: sadly it was a very small salad.

2 April

A week of cold weather and wintry showers meant it was too cold to start planting in bags, but they’ll be ‘bagged up’ on the Not-So-Shady patio.

16 April – Easter Saturday

A friend who passed away suddenly last year had a smallholding and gardened – so he said – according to the seasons and the phases of the moon. I’m sure I remember him saying that he always planted his maincrop potatoes on Easter Sunday! So although these were a day early, fingers crossed for success.

This is the first time for a very long time that I have attempted to grow anything long-term on what was the Shady Patio. There’s a water butt and they opposite the compost bins, so handy for topping up. I had fifteen potatoes so placed the larger potatoes one to a bag, the mediums were two to a bag and there is one bag with three small and wrinkled specimens (far left so if they don’t grow it can be discarded).

Though the bags are below windows, our window cleaner uses poles and brushes – and filtered water (no chemicals) so the bags won’t be in the way or poisoned with unexpected chemicals. And they turned up on Good Friday so we have six weeks until their next visit.

As I post this, we have grey clouds overhead and it’s quite cold outside, with some reports that the UK could be colder than Sweden by the end of this week! As long as it doesn’t snow . . .