It’s amazing what you find buried deep in a cupboard while looking for something else!

We have some new members at the allotment who, judging by posts and comments on our Facebook page, have – as yet – little or no knowledge of growing vegetables. As our AGM takes place tomorrow (on May Bank Holiday Sunday) I thought it might be a good idea to take my old copies (2020-2021) of Kitchen Garden magazine for people to borrow and return, as a resource library.

It’s pointless leaving books which will only be destroyed by the local youths who somehow manage to get in, but they might leave magazines alone for a while.

Anyway, back to my find:

Six RHS practical guides. At £4.99 each they would have been too costly to buy singly, so probably I bought through a book club (when we were allowed such things in our workplace).

They were printed in 1999, but the information and guidance is just as valid now as it was 23 years ago, though varieties may have changed. I shall look forward to browsing through them. I can skip the lawn care part as I don’t have one 😃

Besides, May is no-mow month!