Could someone please arrange for a delivery of rain – preferably overnight – not too much and not too little? Thank you.

It was a friend’s birthday yesterday, but I hadn’t got her a present. So what better to give her than a pot of summer flowers? I bought everything (except the compost) from B & M and not only filled a pot for my friend but three for me. Her pot (grey) contains 1 x Lily Purple Prince, one hebe Champagne Ice and one lavender (my cuttings), one each pink carnation, white begonia, verbena and marigold. My pots (2 x black) each contain 1 x Lily Landini (dark), 1 each carnation, begonia, verbena, marigold, and a mix of wild flower seeds. My terracotta pot contains the other Lily Purple Prince, 2 x marigold, 3 x verbena. Mine are in the Tiny Greenhouse in case of frost, I’ve asked her to keep her pot in a sheltered position out of full sun until she sees signs of growth. She’s not a gardener so I’ve given her two pages a full set of instructions.

Clematis montana has opened and there is a lovely clove/vanilla smell when I pass it to go to the waterbutt. It’s not as dense as previous years, maybe it needs pruning once the flowers have gone?

Narcissi ‘Tete-a-tete in the front border – at last – but fading fast!

Last year, I managed to grow one verbena Bonsariensis in a pot. A few weeks ago, after reading up about it, I cut back the old stems, reluctantly, it must be said. However, new shoots are appearing on several stems, and I wonder if I should have cut it back further than I did. I may go wild and direct sow some seed in the front border.

My ‘I’ll flower when I want to and no one’s going to stop me‘ cactus – aka Thanksgiving Cactus. Maybe its flowering this early in the year is a sign of distress and I should move it to a larger pot?

Last weekend, this advert popped-up on Facebook. Ooh, I thought, that would be good for a present for a gardening friend. Then I looked closer at the shape. With everything going on in the world at present, do seed-bombs that look like hand-grenades really send the right message?

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See you in May!