What’s hot – and what’s not – in my tiny garden this month.

If you think certain things are missing this year, fear not! I have ongoing and separate posts for tomatoes, potatoes, the allotment, and even loofahs! Yes, this year – along with Monty Don on Gardener’s World – I am attempting to grow loofahs; in my case to use as dish and pan scrubs. I bought my seeds from the internet last year for this very purpose. I’m also growing peas and beans, and new this year, chrysanthemums and dahlias,

Verbena Bonariensis

After germinating and growing just one plant in 2021, I am trying again. With conflicting advice on the internet, I sowed seed onto damp compost and covered it with grit. Suggestions were to put the tray into a polythene bag on a warm windowsill; to cover it with black plastic; to leave it in an unheated greenhouse – which is what I have done. I will not water again until I see seedlings. Fingers crossed.

Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant)

This has FOUR flower stalks! I’ve only had one other flower (November 2019) so I am very excited and will put off splitting it until the flowers are finished. It overwintered in the Tiny Greenhouse but will shortly move outside.



Leeks and Spring Onions

Outdoors, last year’s leeks are still going strong in Raised Bed A, with quite a few left to eat.

Red and White Welsh Onions

With no instructions provided, all I can remember is “don’t let them flower” – so I’ve nipped the flower buds off. These are currently taking up room among the leeks in Raised Bed A. As they don’t seem to mind being lifted and replanted, I’ve moved them these troughs. Red in the left, White in the right.

Raspberry ‘Yummy’

Has survived the winter and spring frosts and has several new stems.

Flower Seeds

The weather has been very hit and miss in this second half of the month. No rain, hot sunny days, and cold nights, even a touch of frost. It has been a constant effort to keep seedlings alive without them drying out or drowning.

I can’t ever remember having such extremes of temperature as we’ve had so far this year – and very few April showers this year.