28 March

Mr O reduced the height of my garden arches (by removing the lower sections to bring them to a more manageable height for me). I’ll still need a stepladder if things reach the top!

I’ve decided to give climbing beans one last chance by using up some old seed (best before September 2021). I’ve also added some Douce de Provence peas that needed using up. I have new, dwarf peas – ‘Tom Thumb] to try as well, as these are self-supporting I’ll sow these directly into the ground in a couple of weeks.



I’ve sown the first of a dwarf self-supporting pea – Tom Thumb. Three short drills, ten peas in each.

The beans and peas I sowed in modules are in the ground. Only two climbing beans germinated, I have direct sown additional beans (only five).

And I’ve sown the remainder of the dwarf peas – after removing a rather large fennel plant. When I say ‘sowed’ what I mean is that I dropped peas through the chicken wire on the cage then dropped spent potato compost through the mesh to cover them. It saved on sieving it first and any lumps were knocked off into the fuchsias at the back of the bed.

Fortunately, we had a rain shower later in the day, so no need for watering.

Now it’s a waiting game!