As last year’s leeks come to an end, it was time to dig them up and see what could be salvaged. Several had attempted to flower and though I removed the scapes, the thick stem was still there.

In fact, I didn’t so much dig them out as cut them off at or near the base. It’s much easier to dig out a short, stubby ‘end’ rather than get a face full of leaves (and all they may contain in the slug world).

I thought I had a good haul. Sadly not as good as it looks here. But enough for leek and potato soup for lunch today and tomorrow (four portions in all) plus the remaining slices are drying off on a towel prior to freezing to be used in a few weeks for a chicken and leek pie (or more soup).

But it’s left my with a nice growing area in Raised Bed A, which in turn has allowed me to add a further cage to Raised Bed B to protect the rocket I need to plant out. I’m just waiting for the salsify to finish flowering, then that can come out too.

New leeks have been growing in the Tiny Greenhouse since April, so I’ll have another crop in the ground this autumn.