Not by me! A month ago, I shared these images of the blocked grid outside our house.

I emailed the council and they came and cleared it the week of the local elections (2-6 May). Then I received an email from the council saying it was on their To Do list and they’d send someone out in due course. I emailed back to say it had already been done, and thought no more about it.

This morning, a council water tanker appeared and cleaned the grid again; and again. I went out to take some photographs of my garden have a chat. It seems that when today’s crew checked it out, there was still a blockage somewhere along the line but they were going back to the depot to take on more water and would be back after they’d had their lunch. Which they were.

Two hours later and it appears everthing is sorted (at least they didn’t ring the bell to tell us it wasn’t, and I wasn’t cheeky enough to go outside again, so I snuck these photos from behind the bedroom net curtains).

Apparently there are only two of these drain-cleaning lorries to cover the whole of our local authority area – 169 square miles of mixed industrial areas near the coast and less populated rural and hilly/mountain areas inland. As you can see (blue arrow), we are right on the furthest edge, close to the boundary of Wrexham County Borough (the very same that has been accorded City Status for the Diamond Jubilee and is off the edge of this map at bottom right).

My mission – should I chose to accept it – is to “keep an eye on the grid and give it a poke with a stick if anything gets stuck in the top”. I wonder how much I should deduct from our council tax bill for doing that job?

I also wonder, looking at the county boundary on this map, who was allowed to play with the office Etch-a-Sketch!