There are some very dark clouds moving in from the north. Fortunately, all my gardening this morning has been in the Potting Shed, moving my tomato plants to larger pots – and then to the Tiny Greenhouse – and giving everything a drink. So as I am late to the party, here are my (mostly floral) Six on Saturday.

A view of the front border from inside the house. No matter where I stand, it is impossible to take an image of the whole border, and without cars in the background.

And the aquilegia just keep going – surprising me with their variety of colour and flower shape. I’m constantly amazed that these flowers, with their thin tall stems and top heavy flowers, don’t break in the wind but bow before it.

The first allium ‘Purple Sensation’ – in a pot on the sunny patio. Well it was sunny when I took this photo.

Since our neighbours reduced the height of their overgrown sycamores, we have a better view of their laburnum tree. Though not happy with the long ‘arm’ that is heading our way (nor the inevitable blossom that will soon drop and blow about the yard), it is a glorious sight and is absolutely humming with bees in all but the wettest of weather.

This patch of alyssum has been in the front border corner, by the garden arch, for three years now. I’ve bought more seeds; I rather like it tucked in between other plants as the white stands out. It’s a hardy annual (and a member of the brassica family), though I am convinced this is the same plant and not its self-seeded babies which I suspect are growing in my neighbours’ gardens, blown away from mine by the prevailing wind.

You know Summer is on the way when I drag my water feature out of the shed, test the pump, and fix it to the wall. As usual, finding somewhere for the solar panel is problematic as the cable is quite short. And the minute it’s up and running, the sun disappears!

In other news

I ‘accidentally’ signed up for an account with J Parkers and availed myself of their summer sale. Sliding neatly into my ‘basket’ were:

  • 1 x clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’
  • 1 x geranium ‘Summer Skies’
  • 1 x 10 pack convallaria Lily of the Valley
  • 1 x trifolium rubens
  • 1 × Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion
  • and a free pack of six Dianthus Deltoides

I only wanted the Lily of the Valley plants, but as p&p was the same no matter how many plants were ordered, it was only polite to see what else was on offer. Well that’s my excuse.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re doing and wherever you are.