2 May

You turn your back for a week and this is what happens – or not yet, in some cases!

8 May

What a difference – after some light rain and sunny days.

I’ve completely emptied Compost Bin 1 while topping up the potato bags. And they’re not even full! I was hoping not to have to buy in compost this year, but will need some for the tomatoes, so I may as well by one or two extra bags for the potatoes.

23 May

After emptying some large plant pots to re-use for flowering plants, I used the compost to top up most of the potato bags. Just three left to do.

28 May

After some rain on Thursday . . .

Now it’s just a matter of making sure they are well watered, adding some feed (Tomorite or Chicken-Poo pellets) and leaving them to get on with things until they’ve flowered and the foliage dies back – sometime in August or September.