With my first foray (for many years) buying in bedding plants, I have discovered that the slimy ones love french marigolds as they have eaten all the flower buds and most of the leaves from the small pot, but the larger pots remain untouched. I am following advice and cover the lilies with a ‘cloche’ overnight, and have surrounded the plants with horticultural grit.

Begonias and Carnations

Planted into individual pots. These are the last of the modules bought in April so I could make up a pot for my friend’s birthday.

And now outside in a sunny position. The trellis is due to be replaced this year. I’m aiming for horizontal lathes to screen out the oil tank.

Fuchsia and Lavender cuttings

Now transplanted into individual pots and placed outside at the end of the month.

Hellebore ‘Advent Star’ – in the Tiny Greenhouse at the start of the month, now moved to the Shady Border beneath the clematis.

Heucheras: ‘Berry Smoothie’ and ‘Marmalade

Berry Smoothie is now outside – still in the pot, just in case.