Beans and Peas

The first flowers on the Douce Provence peas I planted out earlier this month

The dwarf peas have germinated


I planted these brassicas last autumn, leftovers from those planted (and subsequently eaten) at the allotment. No idea what they are now. I have dwarf kale seeds on order so looking forward to growing that. I spotted both a large and a small cabbage white butterfly giving these the once-over mid-month!


Fennel: the large plant that was growing in Raised Bed A has been chopped down and removed. I have saved a root and put it in a pot for now. This left a space to sow more dwarf peas (separate post).

Rosemary: the large rosemary was looking rather scruffy with yellowing leaves, so I’ve given it a haircut.

Leeks and Onions

Spring onions still in the Tiny Greenhouse for now.

Leeks – the last of the leeks from 2021, but this year’s need to do more growing


I have sown three types of radish in Raised Bed A (sunny) where the leeks used to be. Varietes are Radish – Black Spanish Round (black), Eiszapfen (white), and Red Rioja. Let 2022 be the year I actually grow some! Foolishly, I failed to note which went where so will have to wait until they grow.

Raspberry ‘Yummy’

Salad Crops – and an experiment

We put some hanging basket brackets up in the Not-so-Shady Patio at the start of the month. As some of the lettuce sown in modules were getting rather large, I decided to plant up some hanging baskets – but not in the conventional way. Instead of lining the basket and filling it with compost, I’ve used my (unused) bulb baskets; lined those with the liner, added some water retaining crystals and slow release fertiliser to the compost and planted up with salad plugs. Not too many so they have space for the roots to spread.

The idea is that as I use the leaves in each basket, I’ll have another ready to take its place. So far I’ve planted one basket with mixed leaves, one basket with rocket and sowed flat leaf parsley seeds in a third. Hopefully it will deter the slimey ones, and I just lower the baskets to water them. (I’ve since added a liner to the baskets to help retain water and shade the sides).

Other salad crops are now in Raised Bed B (the shadier of the two).

We’d already taken some leaves from the mixed basket by 18th May.

The next thing I’m going to plant in the raised bed is Mizuna. I’ve been treating this as something to grow in a seed tray to snip leaves off when required, but watching Carol Klein’s Spring Garden on TV, she grows it in a border and it’s about four feet tall! So I’ll some some at the back of Raised Bed B (between the two cages) and leave it to grow. That way I might just be able to reach it to harvest leaves as this patch is a bit of a stretch.


This plant has been a revelation. Who knew it would grow so tall and with such pretty flowers, but it’s as tall as the arch and seedheads are forming so I’ve been brave and dug out one root. I was expecting it to put up a struggle as it could have been 12 inches long or more. But this specimen is only about six inches. The flowers look good in a vase (jam jar) but even inside, they close when the sun goes in.


Looking forward to the wild strawberries this year. Never enough, but each is a tiny burst of unique flavour; and then there is the satisfaction of getting there before the birds.