Rowan Tree

Oak Tree

Last June we ‘rescued’ a tiny oak seedling – just before the council came along and cut the hedges and verges. I put it in a pot and left it on one of the raised beds overwinter. Look at it now! I doubt it’s ever going to be the prettiest tree but . . .

Sedums and Sempervivums

Kept in the greenhouse over winter and now outside in a sunny spot until I can work out a better way to display them.

Potting Shed

With tomatoes moved to the Tiny Greenhouse, I could juggle my seedling around and move other trays of plants onto the shelves to give them better light.

In three weeks, on 21 June,we will celebrate the June solstice – the longest day in the northern hemisphere – and the official first day of Summer. Just thirteen weeks to grow, grow, grow!