Good morning from a cool and dull North East Wales, but the sun is trying to break through the clouds so I’m feeling hopeful. I have been doing odd jobs in the greenhouse this week: potting on some seedlings – pansies and rudbeckia – with more to do and no room to store them as the Tiny Greenhouse is full of tomato plants just coming into flower. But better to have too many plants than not enough.

This week’s Six on Saturday – hosted by The Propagator – is a bit of a mixture.

The pink clematis montana has faded away leaving only the white glowing in the evening light.

Iris flowers are short-lived in my garden so I managed to photograph this one before it fades. Alongside is a drooping nectaroscordum flower.

While it’s flowering, I might as well lay claim to my neighbour’s laburnum. The branches nearest to me are in the shade, further away they are in full evening sun – a nice contrast.

A little cutting of a tradescantia Zebina from my brother. We think it’s ‘Purple Passion’. He was going to check the label on the original pot but hasn’t got back to me.

Who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? A trip to the recycling centre on Monday (only ONE bag of garden waste – perennial weeds – but boxes of old tech stuff from hubbie) netted me these four hanging baskets, which I reckon are good for a few more seasons. Their previous owner may have been bemused when I accosted him but was happy to hand them over. The reason they were being thrown away? The chains had gone a bit rusty!! Yes they are a bit battered but my salad leaves and cherry tomatoes won’t mind. However, I have had to order some more ‘pulleys’ to hang them from.

And another freebie. A couple of years ago I took out an annual subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine (got a bag of 50 seed packets to start me off, and up to 10 packet of seed each month). Overrun with vegetable seeds and with no time to read it, I didn’t renew. But there was a copy of July’s magazine in the supermarket this week. Yes, it cost me £5.00, but the seeds given away with it are worth over £20 and all can be sown now (don’t have to wait until July!). I was particularly pleased to see the red-veined sorrel as that is a firm favourite in a mixed-leaf salad.

In other news: Five of the six plants I ordered last week from J Parker’s were on their way as of last Monday with the geranium following on. First I had an email to say they were with the couriers, then they were due out for delivery; then they weren’t. Now that the two day Bank Holiday is over, I’m hoping to see some movement – preferably outside my front door!