2 May

Where there were eight, there are now seven as the last struggling seedling gave up. These will require individual pots in a matter of days. And a move to the Tiny Greenhouse!

5 May

Time to pot on

8 May

12 May

14 May

19 May

21 May

On last night’s Gardener’s World, Monty Don was rather pleased about the size of his loofah plants. I was rather pleased too – because mine are larger (longer) than his. Mind you, he did say he’d only sown the seeds a month ago, so perhaps this segment wasn’t filmed this last week. Neither are any of his wearing a splint to straighten out a bent stem!

25 May

Four plants potted on into the next size up! Two went to my brother yesterday as part of his birthday present (for tomorrow) – with instructions! One wasn’t growing at all well, so went in the compost bin. Even those these four were all sown at the same time and in the same conditions, each germinated at different times and are growing at different rates.

After just a week in these larger pots, I had to organise the Tiny Greenhouse, and transplant them into their final pots.