A very rough and ready Six on Saturday today. Mainly because up until late yesterday afternoon, I only had one photograph for this post. As it was a sunny and warm day, I was happy to browse for things of interest in the garden (though the sun didn’t help the quality of some images). This morning we appear to have all four seasons – dark skies with looking heavy clouds one minute, an expanse of blue with fluffy white puffball clouds the next. But the overriding weather a wind so cold that if it wasn’t June I’d say snow was coming!

But I am happy to stay indoors as I have some coursework to upload and a 3000-word Critical Commentary (on my as yet unwritten dissertation project) to write. So let’s get on . . .

First, more aquilegia: Same colour, different style, but mostly gone now. It’s at times like this when I wish I’d labelled the nicest ones so I could gather and spread the seeds.

Despite only planting white alyssum, some has changed to purple – and I’ve decided I like it!

The patch of drumstick alliums in the front border has spread, which is a good thing as the other alliums are doing nothing. The seed head is from one of only two purple alliums which grew in a pot on the patio while those in the front seem to have disappeared completely after sending up some very puny leaves. Maybe they’ll reappear, maybe they won’t, but I’ll divide the drumsticks when they’ve finished flowering, and spread them around.

The first of the peonies opened this week. I always forget just how vibrant that pink is.

The first wild strawberries of the year are here – it will be a race between me and the birds who gets the first ripe one.

A glimpse over the garden wall – into my neighbour’s garden. If he wants a crop of nettles, that’s fine, they’re good for wildlife. But when you’re not expecting several lurking in your own border and brush against them . . . I was not a happy bunny. Still waiting for the wall to be repaired/re-built.

In other news:

I’m growing loofah’s along with Monty Don on Gardener’s World.

My plant order is complete and all plants have been potted up to recover from the maladministrations of the courier company. The bulk arrived on Saturday, the remaining plant – geranium ‘Summer Skies’ – finally turned up on Thursday afternoon.

We received two other parcels from the same courier who swore blind there wasn’t a third, only to return an hour later looking very sheepish, clutching a battered box. After a week of being stuck in a warehouse somewhere, it looked very sorry for itself as most of the leaves where dying. But there is new growth at the base so fingers crossed it makes a full recovery.

I’m still waiting for another parcel (different company, same courier) which was out for delivery on Thursday, then again on Friday. Hopefully it will come today. Is it only me who has these problems?