I ended my previous Diary by mentioning that several of the tomatoes required potting on, a job I tackled almost immediately. Since then, it’s been non-stop – or seems like it at times. Here’s a reminder of what I am growing this year.

C1. Tumbling Tom Yellow is a trailing variety of tomato plant that produces large, cherry sized yellow fruit that simply tastes beautiful. Ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers or window boxes. Determinate.
C2. Tumbling Tom (red): Ideal for baskets and containers from which it will gently tumble. Produces lots of sweet, medium-sized cherry fruits. Determinate.
C3. Megabyte tomato is a unique, upright, dwarf type that produces unusually large fruits for the size of the plant. The tomatoes are bright, glossy, red, beefsteak like fruits. This type of tomato is ideal for patio pot production. Determinate.
C4. Red Robin will grow to about 30cm in height and will continue cropping until late September. This is a very sweet and very bright red cherry variety. This is the ideal variety to grow on the window sill or in pots and makes for an ideal patio addition. Determinate. 

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