13 May

As this is the first year I have grown cherry/bush/patio tomatoes, I have been keeping an eye on which do well and which don’t. As shown below, several of the earlier sowings failed to germinate, but was this was down to the weather (extremes of heat and cold), or the seed?

Given that it’s too soon for Weeks 7 and 8 to have germinated (on 13th May), the results so far are:

  • 5 x yellow Tumbling Tom
  • 3 x Red Robin
  • 2 x red Tumbling Tom and Megabyte F1

If I grow these tomatoes again, I’ll need to start earlier and leave a longer gap between sowings, at least 2 weeks, maybe 3.

21 May

The transplanted tomatoes are growing well and I’m trying not to drown them. I probably should start adding a few drops of Tomorite to their water tray, and must sort out some larger pots so I have them ready to move these on. Looking at them now, it would be difficult without the labels to know in which order these seedlings began life. But hopefully this trial will show which variety is the most prolific, the longest lasting, the tastiest, and disease resistant. Would it be too much to hope that all the criteria will be met by one or all?

I have also planted the final seeds from the packets. Only a few seeds remain from the Red Robin packet which I will hold in reserve.

As you can see from the planner, I have added the final Megabyte F1 and Tumbling Tom (red) to a couple of empty cells from Week 1, where the same varieties failed to germinate first time round.

25 May

The random indeterminate tomatoes (sounds like a good name for a band The Random Inteterminates) are growing well. No idea which they are but I’ve potted them on into long pots.

The bush/patio/cherry tomatoes (weeks 1-5) are still going. These will need moving to 5 inch pots soon – and feeding.

Weeks 6 – 9 sowings are coming along. Too soon for signs of Week 9 germination but a full house for Week 8.

28 May

I can’t keep up with the amount of water the cherry/patio tomatoes seem to need at the moment. I started feeding them last week, but when I checked this morning, every pot had roots coming out of the bottom, so I’ve moved them up to the next size pot (5 1/2 inch round) and moved them to the Tiny Greenhouse (now I can actually use it for it’s proper purpose). So far, I haven’t lost any of those that germinated.