1 June

7 June

I should have thought about the length of the canes for the unidentified tomato plants as now they don’t fit on the shelf!

9 June

The first cherry tomatoes are outside! I still don’t believe they will grow in hanging baskets so these two are an experiment. I don’t trust the brackets either (hubbie paid 99p each for them).

And I was proved right! Within an hour, the basket containing the Red Robin tomato was on the floor – along with the bracket! So the plant went back into its pot, hubby put extra long screw into the wall, and I’ve hung a basket half filled with compost, but no plants, to test it.

12 June

It was time to move another two-week’s worth of tomatoes from roots trainers into pots – Week 6 and Week 7.

Again, I am missing the red Tumbling Tom tomatoes for both these weeks; and Week 7 Red Robin is actually two seedlings, but I’d run out of growbag compost so will separate them at a later date. You might have noticed I’ve made new labels for all my tomatoes so I’ll still know which is which when they’re planted outside. (Note to self: do not spray your tomatoes with the hose unless you know for certain that your new labels have sealed ALL the way round!!)

The others are outside for some fresh air while I sort out the loofah plants in the Tiny Greenhouse.

18 June

As you can see from this updated chart, nature doesn’t work to a schedule, so all my planning had very little effect on what grew, when it grew, and how well it grew. The Week 5 Red Robin already has the first fruit though it is still quite small,

Ignoring Cell 5, which were tomato seedlings found growing in other pots, I planted 37 seeds in total (in 36 cells) every 2 weeks between 13 March and 21 May (10 weeks). 28 seeds germinated and 11 failed. Total plants are: 9 x Tumbling Tom yellow, 5 x Tumbling Tom red, and 7 each of Megabyte and Red Robin.

Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

Although information suggests that both Tumbling Tom (TT) yellow and Tumbling Tom red are suitable for hanging baskets, I’ve found that the TT red are quite upright and tall, so I’ve only used the TT yellow.

Tomatoes in Pots

I’ve added in some flowering plants I grew from seed – partly to clear some space in the Potting Shed and partly to stop me overwatering them. There is a mixture of french marigolds, pansies, and cineraria. Once the tomatoes are finished, I can plant the flowering plants in the border or into one large pot.

We recently met up with friends for a picnic at the allotments and exchanged plants. I gave away one pot of each variety tomato and received one ‘Diva’ cucumber plant. My friend had promised to write a review for me.

19 June

With dull weather first thing, and the threat of rain, it was cool enough to work in the Potting Shed and Tiny Greenhouse. I decided to pot up the remaining tomato seedling, moving them from the root trainers to three-inch square pots.

I decided to try the Week 5 Red Robin in the conservatory, which may turn out to be a bad idea as it might be too hot for it. Temperatures can reach 40+ degrees from mid-morning to later afternoon.

My next job is to move the three unidentified indeterminate plants into large pots, and then to buy more growbags. Cherry tomato plant production is outstripping the space I have to plant them, but better too many than too few!