This week, I have been mainly sheltering inside the house with the blinds closed to avoid the heat and pollen, only venturing out early morning and late evening to water pots and potatoes by hand, an attempt to drain my waterbutts ready for some nice fresh rainwater that hasn’t yet appeared. So while I’m waiting, here are my Six on Saturday for this week.

The first item on the agenda is one the many wildflower seeds I sowed which I eventually identified as salad burnet (sanguisorba minor). No sign of the others!

Second – Nectaroscordum – a very poor showing in this second year.

Third – Pretty in Pink – pinks and fuchsia ‘Chillerton Beauty.

Fourth – The first perennial sweetpea flower. No sign of any ‘Cupani’ yet.

Fifth – Campanula – creeping bellflower. Nice to look at, bees love them, but a pain to get rid of.

Any other Business


Hebe ‘Champagne Ice’. This is not one plant but many cuttings from a rescue plant taken in 2019. They need separating and new compost.

The weather here can best be described as ‘variable’. Sunny intervals, dark clouds, chilly wind from the south-west. Some rain arrived overnight though not enough to soak the ground. Have a good weekend whatever you are doing.