Despite promises of sunny and warm weather for the last week, it often didn’t arrive until late afternoon. Until yesterday, and even then, it was looking a bit dodgy around 10am. This morning we have clouds and sunny intervals, which is a pain as I have two lines of washing out. Just as quick stop to post this Six on Saturday as I have things to do, though no places to go or people to see.

My only verbena bonariensis, in its second year and still in a pot. 1. I should have cut it down to compost level in spring and 2. I should have put it in the border as it’s roots are probably compacted but I don’t have a spare larger pot.

The one remaining home-grown purple pansy. This one is in a pot with a tomato plant, so perhaps the tomato smell deters slugs and snails.

The lavender border is blooming, though not as much as expected. Hopefully a few days of sun will sort that out.

And next-door’s hebe is adding to the purple them.

Allium ‘Drumstick’ is getting ready to open, by the nectaroscordum didn’t last long this year. Another to dig up, stick the bulbs in a pot and see what happens. The small blue allium Caeruleum hasn’t grown either. Luckily the label is still in place so I should find those bulbs too. Looks like it will be drumstick alliums all the way.

Fuchsias are everywhere – Lavender border, raised beds, and three in the front border. If only I can dig out the Japanese anemones, I’ll have space to clump these together as a hedge to screen nextdoor’s collapsing wall, nettle patch, and re-growing sycamore stump.

That’s my six for this week. I’m still working on my essay – slowly going through my References to make sure they are in the correct format – and trying to put my points into a logical order. It’s not going smoothly, but it’s my final Tutor marked assignment before the big one, so I’m making an effort.

I hope your weekend is less fraught and more relaxing, and you enjoy the fruits of your garden labours (or – better still – someone else’s labours).