A first for our garden. I’ve left bird feeders up this summer and added two more. This week we’ve had three juvenile starlings and a juvenile great spotted woodpecker feeding on the peanuts, to the twittering annoyance of smaller birds who sit on the top of the trellis waiting for their turn. The sparrows just stroll about beneath the feeders with their beaks open! I’ve been in the Potting Shed this morning, potting on the last of my tomato plants, but no sign of the woodpecker, so it’s time for Six on Saturday, a weekly meander through what’s hot, and what’s not, in my garden.

Some of the wildflower seeds have appeared in my pots – pink and blue cornflowers and some pale pink soapwort; there is borage in one as well. The lily buds are just about to open. Everything else is putting on a good show.

Allium ‘Drumstick’ are almost in full bloom by now. A quick check back to 2021 shows they are further advanced this year – perhaps due to the heat. I’ve had to tie them into two bundles to stop them splaying outwards.

As are the clematis alpina, which I always think should flower sooner than they do.

The earliest reference I can find to the ‘charity pot’ we bought from a neighbour is a photograph dated 7 June 2020. Then, these pinks were a small plant jammed into a large pot along with begonias, petunias, cosmos, a sunflower, and all sorts of other goodies – long since disappeared. But these go on and on in this large pot, in a smaller mixed pot, and int two small pots hanging on the trellis.

Hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ has some flowers. This one is in a pot near the front door (the blurry foliage behind it is a pot full of hebe cuttings – not flowering; neither is the original plant in the front border.

And we end with perennial sweet peas – which here all look the same colour, but in real life there are subtle differences in the shades.

It’s starting to warm up now after a cool and dull start. I’ve watered my potatoes and hanging baskets which contain tomatoes. Time to retreat behind closed curtains and blinds. I’m not fond of extreme heat and we are on a red heat warning for Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately we have a family funeral at 3pm on Monday, and an hour’s drive to get there. Loose clothing and plenty of water is the order of the day.

Enjoy your weekend. Sit in the shade with a cool drink and watch the wildlife passing by. And don’t forget your hat!