I planted onions and garlic in the Allotment in November 2021. On 3 July this year, we harvested them and they’ve been drying out for two weeks, onions in the Tiny Greenhouse, garlic in the Potting Shed.

This morning, before it got too hot, I checked them and decided they were ready for tidying up ready to store.

I started with the onions. The total was 72 onions, of which 38 are small, 18 medium to large, and 16 had flower stalks so I have set them aside to use within the next week. The others are in a net bag in the garage.

This was the largest onion in the batch – it’s not going to win any prizes but it looks good.

I moved onto the garlic. This is the first time I’ve grown a soft-necked variety but they’re not a bad size and there seem to be separate cloves beneath those outer skins. In total there are 29 bulbs which have been left in this box, covered with a hessian potato sack to exclude light and also placed in the garage.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep the allotment on after this year, so if I do grow garlic and onions, they will be planted in one of my raised beds (I can plant my leeks in the gaps).