Hurrah for the rain and cooler weather. It has been a struggle to keep things watered and both the front border and my two Raised Beds had suffered in the hear. I kept my tomatoes and hanging baskets going by using the water butts, and flowering pots by using (non-greasy) washing up water. The Propagator has left us our Six on Saturday homework while he’s on holiday, so here is mine for this week. I’m expecting at least 7/10!

When I planted these lilies back in April, I had bought two each of ‘Purple Prince‘ and ‘Landini‘. I thought I’d put the dark almost black ‘Landini’ in my two large terracotta pots and the paler ‘Purple Prince’ in my friend’s pot for her birthday, and my smaller terracotta pot. These are the first to flower, in large terracotta pots, and they doesn’t look like either to me, they’re slightly darker than the photo shows, not by much. They are very pretty, though I’ve had to snip the stamens off to remove the pollen before it get onto the washing.

Luscious Lavender is always a delight. An alternating mix between ‘Hidcote’ (shorter and darker) and ‘Munstead’ (paler and taller) and it’s thriving in the hot weather.

Borage and ? (something that looks like harebells but they aren’t listed on the seed mix packet). Having just brushed against a borage leaf, I remember why I got rid of the ones originally in the garden!

A trio of grumpy pansies

My first rudbeckia flowers – it’s nice to have something yellow in the front garden – a change from purples and pinks.

French marigolds and yellow pansies filling out a basket containing red-veined sorrel.

After a day of computer problems yesterday, I must get on with my end-of-year 15000 word writing project and make the time up. Looks like the rain is back (yay) so there is no compulsion to spend time in the garden.

Enjoy your weekend, May you have sun where there was rain, and rain where there was sun (for a short time at least).