There is a debate about whether to feed birds in the summer months. This year, I have left out peanut feeders and have enjoyed the antics of great and blue tits, acrobatic sparrows, thuggish juvenile starlings, and a juvenile great spotted woodpecker.

Sometimes there can be up to ten tits on the feeders at any one time, until the thuggish starlings arrive.

So I decided to do something about that, A few years ago, I bough seven mini wire cages from a charity shop with the idea of putting trailing plants in them, but they are an awkward size and I couldn’t find plant saucers to fit.

Two years ago, I used one as a bird feeder, covering it in plastic to keep the rain of. It was not a success, so this time Mr O removed four bars around the cage, and I placed one of the nut feeders inside.

It didn’t take the blue tits long to figure it out, followed by some great tits.

All in all, a great success. I have yet to see what the starlings make of it all.