Weekend Workout

20190425 (9)

In June 2019, I made a start on a project that is finally almost complete. This began with the removal of a raised bed in the shadiest part of the back garden, via the building of the Tiny Greenhouse and now the final corner. Click here to see what it looked like in 2018.

We were left with this ‘spare’ piece of ground, where the round compost bin had stood for 20 years. But then our beer spare fridge finally gave up the ghost in February (almost gassing us in the process), and we were forced to buy a new washing machine after the bearings went on the old one: so with all Recycling Centres closed until a few weeks ago, this (↓) was the view from our kitchen window – until now. Continue reading “Weekend Workout”

Six on Saturday: 16 November 2019


As my gardening year usually finishes somewhere around the middle of October, if not earlier, the clearing (sort of) and mulching of the Shady Corner in the front garden gave me a push to add some autumn/winter plants – combined with a Reward Card offer at our posh garden centre. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 16 November 2019”

Mid-September To Do List

Apparently, now is the time to divide plants and take semi-ripe cuttings.  Unsure of how to do this, and what to try it on, I looked it up here.

I want to try and keep these pelargoniums going over winter by bringing them into the conservatory; but just in case, I’m going to take cuttings, especially as I have four red plants and only one pink – the lottery of buying plants from the ‘rescue’ shelf.

15 September 2018 (5)

Continue reading “Mid-September To Do List”