Jobs for the Weekend

In an effort to clear my head after a spell of intensive studying, I took Saturday afternoon off to do some jobs in the garden. The first job was to harvest my Jerusalem artichokes (see next post).

The second was to have a second attempt at removing the stump left behind when I cut down the cotoneaster in the Lavender Border in January.

My husband started with the pruning saw, moved on to his wood saw, tried a hammer and chisel, and finally – successfully – used a bowsaw.

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The Joy of Mulch

I am coming to the end of the potatoes I grew in bags last year. Last autumn, I filled two old compost bags with the contents of six growing bags (potatoes removed), which left four bags to provide potatoes over the winter. Having – mostly – removed the potatoes from a further two bags, I needed to make a decision – Do I store the compost to take to the allotment at a later date, or use it to mulch the front border?

The front border won!

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Spring in the Front Border

Everything in the front border is doing its best to grow big and strong.

There is a huge clump of lemon balm in the back left of this photo which I moved from a sunnier position in this border. It obviously prefers this sheltered spot and is threatening to cover one of last year’s new heucheras – which might prefer a sunnier spot.

20200427 (10)

There are aquillegias vying with Japenese anemones; alpine strawberries and Solomon’s Seal; and the ever present London Pride edging the border is showing pale pink flowers. Dwarf narcissi are still flowering too. Continue reading “Spring in the Front Border”

Everyone needs good Neighbours . . .

I bought a new toy . . .


. . . tried it out on my neighbour’s tree – and threw the trimmings over his wall!

20190704 (3)

20190704 (11)

As you can see below, his ‘hedge’ overhangs the pavement quite a lot.  I’ve reported it to the council.

20190704 (13)

20190704 (20)

I might not have been able to reach the top, but I did manage to remove a lot of side branches I’m already getting more light to my garden.

20190704 (21)

20190704 (6)

I also went along the boundary with garden shears and cut back everything I could reach, along with a ton of ivy growing on the wall.

20190704 (18)

20190704 (19)

20190704 (2)

It doesn’t look as though I cut much back, but I can only cut back to the edge of the wall (though I went a little further than that).

20190704 (14)

Ivy seems to be the only thing holding my neighbour’s wall together.

20190704 (5)

20190704 (4)

20190704 (15)

20190704 (16)

This wall needs serious attention before it collapses.  An excuse to get the neighbour to call round so we can point this out – along with the tree issue.

20190704 (17)