Six on Saturday: 7 March 2020

What a difference a week makes!

It was our wedding anniversary on 28th February. After all the bad weather throughout the month, it was our last chance to pop along to Chirk Castle (NT) to see the end of their snowdrop display. With Storm Jorge forecast for the weekend, it was now or never.

20200228 (63)

It snowed.

. . . and the poor snowdrops were suffering. Despite wandering through muddy woodland, these were the best we found.  “They were lovely yesterday!” Too late, again. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 7 March 2020”

Hergest Croft Gardens

20190918 Hergest Croft Gardens, Kington, Herefordshire (32)

Another garden visited during our recent in Herefordshire, Hergest Croft Gardens – not far from Hergest Ridge (not only the 1974 studio album by Mike Oldfield, but an actual elongated hill crossing the Wales/England border and part of the Offa’s Dyke long-distance path). Continue reading “Hergest Croft Gardens”

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens


20190917 Westonbury Mill Water Gardens (128)20190917 Westonbury Mill Water Gardens (132)

Herefordshire in mid-September may not be most people’s choice for a week’s holiday, but (other people’s) children are back in school, and that means you can enjoy woodland walks and garden tours safe in the knowledge that the only sounds you will hear are birds singing and brooks babbling – not screaming babies or fractious toddlers. Continue reading “Westonbury Mill Water Gardens”