Spring Bulbs

I don’t usually bother planting bulbs each year. Those in the front garden – crocus, grape hyacinths and dwarf narcissi – have been there for several years, with the addition of alliums and nectaroscordum in autumn 2020.

In the back garden, I have daffodils and narcissi rescued from various borders and dumped in pots. Apart from an all too brief few weeks in spring, they live at the back of the garage. The only things I took any trouble with last year were my four ‘Blue’ pots containing Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu, and grape hyacinths.

This year, however, I ordered some new bulbs (snowdrops x 50, anemone Blanda Alba x 20, and white fritillery x 15) which arrived on 6 October and had to be dealt with. (I’ve just noticed that the anemone is ‘White Splendour’ but have no idea if they are the same as ordered or a substitution, not that it matters. A white anemone is a white anemone is a white anemone!)

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Six on Saturday: 16 October 2021

Unless you want to see wall-to-wall white cosmos or arty shots of colourful leaves drifting silently to the ground, you’re stuck with what I’ve been able to scrape from the bottom of the gardening barrel, which isn’t much (and some isn’t even from my garden). But they are all I have to show for this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

Raspberry ‘Yummy’ is still bearing fruit in mid-October (of which two were eaten by me literally the minute the shutter had clicked); which still begs the question – is it summer or autumn fruiting, and when should I prune it?

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Six on Saturday: 9 October 2021

Good morning from a very grey and drab part of North Wales though not foggy as I believe it is ‘down south’. Showers are forecast for later in the day so we’ve taken a chance and hung washing out. I doubt it will be there for very long. My husband will have to keep an eye on the weather as I’m about to start the second week of my course as soon as I’ve posted this week’s Six on Saturday, courtesy of The Propagator.

Welsh onions – aka Japanese bunching onions – my red onions have finally grown to a reasonable size; the white remain tiny, like spring onion seedlings. Unfortunately, my brother failed to listen to instructions for the two clumps I gave him – separating them out into singles rather than planting each clump as it was – and he’s now complaining that they’re not bunching!

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Six on Saturday: 2 October 2021

I don’t believe it! One (maybe more) of our local garden centres has already put out their Christmas decorations this week. Anyone else spotted similar activities? Me? I take my optical fibre tree off the top of the wardrobe on Christmas Eve and put it back the day after Boxing Day!

A very quick SoS today as the second year of my OU course officially starts today so it’s heads down and no talking in class!

Fuchsia hedge doing its thing and brightening a shady corner. I don’t want to prune it while it is still producing flowers.

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Your Starter for Ten*

What is this? Or, possibly, what are these on a post in the Potting Shed?

So far they could be – according to Google:

  • Bagworm egg cases
  • Bee moth cocoons
  • South African praying mantis eggs (not in North Wales surely?)

They are smallish – larger than a 1p coin, smaller than 2p – made of sawdust probably scraped off same pole; and rock hard (I hit one with a long metal pole and it didn’t make a dent). They remind me of limpets at the seaside!

Ideas please in case I have to protect my shed from wood boring insects, or ourselves from something bitey or stingy and very angry that I smacked it.

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Six on Saturday: 18 September 2021

Another bright and sunny morning. We’ve had good weather for a few days now – warm enough to sit outside for coffee. And I have been walking round with a big smile on my face since Thursday evening when I overheard my neighbour discussing his trees with The Gardener. I think it will be a few weeks before we see any action (waiting for the leaves to fall), but at least – finally – there will be daylight!

So lets get on with this week’s Six, courtesy of The Propagator.

I’ve been calling these plants begonias, though I’m not sure if they are or not. Online research suggests they are wax begonias, so if anyone can confirm one way or another, I would be grateful. These were one plant from our charity pot bought summer 2020 – no labels provided. I split it in two and kept it ov erwinter in the Tiny Greenhouse (watered sparingly – when I remembered). I shall do the same this year.

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Feathered Friends

Last year, we replaced one of our bird boxes. Though blue tits expressed great interest in it, they showed just as much in the broken one we’d removed but left nearby.

As far as we know a blue tit pair started a nest this year but abandoned it before laying eggs.

Today, we have moved this bird box and the one we made to encourage robins to nest in my Potting Shed. They are now more sheltered from the wind, higher up than previously, safe from cats, and close to where the bird feeders will hang,

Fingers crossed.

Six on Saturday: 11 September 2021

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember


I’ve just about managed to scrape together my Six for the week; possibly I’ve repeated at least one from last week, but I have to go with what I can find. We’ve had quite a few bouts of heavy rain the last few days, which has done no end of good to the garden but probably hasn’t found its way into the Jerusalem artichoke pots so I may be watering between showers later – just to stretch my legs after prolonged sitting at the computer now my OU course is open to view, though not to work.

It is quite warm this morning; though ominous clouds are gathering there are flashes of tempting sunshine and I can see a final raspberry ripening on the bush. (In fact two artichoke pots have just blown over and had to be rescued and tethered back in place – so I ate the raspberry while I was there.)

First up, a decent picture of the verbena bonariensis, or one flowerhead at least. Apologies that the cosmos etc is out of focus.

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Waiting for the Sun to Shine

When I write my posts, I refer to certain parts of the garden by specific names. I thought it might be helpful to share the position of those places within the back garden as a whole. The first three images are from my study window, the last is from my husband’s study.

We follow the garden clockwise; from left to right – a few degrees away from a straight north to south as makes no difference.

First we have the Log Store (with the large pots on the roof); the Bucket/Coal Shed (a project earlier this year); the Potting Shed (previously a pergola and decking built in 1999 and covered over about fifteen years ago after one too many footballs from next door). The trees are not mine and were planted around ten years ago.

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And the rain came down . . .

Wave after wave of raindrops hitting the roof slates like a horde of enthusiastic tap dancers. Gutters gurgle and spit dried moss dropped by birds; gullies run with soil washed down from our neighbours’ as yet unsupported earth bank to slowly fill and block the drains. Thunder rumbles and grumbles in the distance as lightning flickers behind roiling and boiling dark clouds.

Only four hours later than predicted