Monthly Roundup: January

This new month/year/decade began with mild, dry and sunny(ish) weather, tempting us to thoughts of Spring.

And the month had only just begun when I made my first plant purchases – both from the Rescue Shelf at the garden centre.

20200103 (1) 20200103 (2)

The first was this Hebe Champagne Ice, reduced from £9.99 to £2.50. This is for my front border – one of the gaps left by removing excess peonies last autumn. It looks a bit leggy to me, but I’ll wait until I see new growth before I give it a trim, though some websites say a light trim in early winter will keep it compact. Continue reading “Monthly Roundup: January”

Monthly Roundup: November

I managed a few jobs at the beginning of the month while the weather was dry and reasonably warm.

20191105 (8)

First job was to tidy the front border ready for winter. This was essential as, for people walking past on the pavement, it is virtually at eye-level. You can read more about it here. Continue reading “Monthly Roundup: November”

Monthly Roundup: October

Rain seemed to be a permanent feature for this month, making all those gardening jobs much less attractive.

A notification from our heating oil company at the start of the month advising our first ‘top up’ delivery was due – in the next ten days – combined with dull but dry weather on the 3rd, sent me outside to remove the pots that have stood in front of the oil tank for most of the summer.

20190921 (17)

At first, my intention was to temporarily move only the Charlotte potatoes growing in bags, but there still wasn’t enough room. So, with a whole drawer in my freezer full of runner beans – and little room for any more – I decided it was time to sacrifice the four plants I’d grown in pots, which had twined their way through the trellis. I picked off the few beans that were a decent size, and hadn’t been nibbled at.

Continue reading “Monthly Roundup: October”

Monthly Roundup: August

This month got off to a good start, with warm sunny days after the high rainfall at the end of July, and our thoughts are with those affected by severe flooding with homes and livelihoods threatened or lost.  I’m sure the reasons will be debated long and hard, but you can’t stop a flood with words –  solutions are needed. Continue reading “Monthly Roundup: August”