Monthly Roundup: June

We were supposed to be on holiday the first week of June; instead we holidayed at home, with glorious sun (for the first half of the week at least). A good job we weren’t away as the veggies needed almost daily watering.

20200531 (1) 20200531 (2)

I planted out my four largest climbing bean plants. One large and one smaller plant to each arch. I have a further three later sowings which I potted into individual pots mid-month. By the end of the month, one of my four beans had reached the end of its support wire and was beginning to traverse the horizontal cane towards the back of the bed. (I learned last year that if they scramble over the arch to the top, I need a stepladder to pick the topmost beans – much easier to try and reduce the height to a reasonable one).

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Monthly Round-Up: May (Part 2)

Week commencing 18th May, and the temperature began to rise and rise. Wednesday was the hottest recorded this year in North Wales, with Hawarden Airport (7 miles away) registering 26C (my conservatory hit 43C and we had to open all the doors).

The pinkĀ clematis Montana finished flowering, leaving the prettier, but scent-less white one, which itself is almost finished as May ends. While clematis Alpina is quietly sending out new shoots in the background – so quietly that I snapped a couple of shoots while tying in some loose Montana. So I’m attempting to root cuttings from it.

20200521 (5)

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Monthly Round-Up: May (Part 1)

With so much going on in the garden this month (at last), I’ve split this Round-Up into two.

As we transitioned from April to May, so did the weather – from warm and dry to mostly cold and wet, and back again.

One of the things I was keen to do was check how much water could be collected from the Tiny Greenhouse roof, so when the final April showers began to fall, I was ready.


The anwer is . . . not a lot (and I needed the boxes for other things).

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Monthly Roundup: March

After a long dark and miserable February, March arrived and it was time to decide which vegetables to plant at home and, for the first time in the allotment bed – and which ones will never darken my raised beds again (Beetroot, your days are numbered). The first job was to sort through my vegetable seeds. Being me, I made a spreadsheet! I’ll update it as and when I buy/receive new seeds. Continue reading “Monthly Roundup: March”