A successful experiment

At the end of February, I made some self-watering seed propagators from 1 litre lemonade bottles.

I have successfully grown:

  1. Climbing beans

20200607 (pm) (21)

2. Lollo rosso lettuce.  This is the second sowing. They are looking a bit sad because they were running out of water and it was too hot in the greenhouse. They soon perked up.

20200607 (pm) (22)

I’ve also got mint, chives, oriental salad, cress, radish, and spring onions. Some are more successful than others.

I’ll definitely be starting my beans off this way next year.

Another lockdown project

When your mini-greenhouse begins to lean further and further over, despite giving it a couple of ‘crutches’, then it’s time to take it apart, salvage what you can and re-purpose it

20200303 (1) RR

. . . into potting shed temporary staging. Continue reading “Another lockdown project”

Raised Bed B: A social isolation project

Two years ago, when the builders rebuilt our wall and built my two raised beds, the weather was atrocious. Heavy rain, snow, icy winds – the Beast from the East struck at just the wrong time. By the time they were shovelling back all the soil, neither they – not I – cared what was going into the hole.

Before I began planting, I had dug through both beds to remove what rubble, stones and bricks I could, but I was too eager to start planting (and too tired by the time I got to this one) that I didn’t quite dig everything out. I thought if I put good compost on top of the rubbish, everything would be fine. And it was; but now there are shoots of Japanese anemone coming up, and no matter how deep I dig, I cannot get to the bottom of them to remove them. Continue reading “Raised Bed B: A social isolation project”