Project Patio: 2021

The ‘Sunny’ Upper Patio

After days of rain showers and cooler weather since finishing the front path and drive, and getting on with painting exterior walls at the back of the house, if was time to turn our attention to the back garden, beginning with the Sunny Patio.

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Weekend Workout: Magic Paint

Last year (2020), a while after the end of the first lockdown, we ventured into a discount store (Home Bargains) for some essentials – including 2 tins of white exterior gloss paint. I had plans for painting the back gate, the garage side door and my husband’s shed door.

But I never got around to it!

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Project: Paint until the pot is empty

August begins with another painting project. Undercover this time, so it didn’t matter if it rained, but the wind was cold with the back gate open and I had to keep my coat on.

This area is alway full of stuff. It’s were we keep the recycling bins and bags, and the hosepipe, the yard brushes and mop; and there are usually a couple of bags of non-compostable (pernicious weeds) garden waste waiting to go the the Recycling Centre. And hidden behind that lot, lots of eight-legged ‘friends’.

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Project Patio (continued): Front Path and Drive completed

Following our attempt to powerwash the drive, everything came to a halt when our powerwasher blew up. Fortunately my brother did have one to lend us, though not – apparently – as powerful as our own had been.

This meant it took twice the time (around 3 hours, to finish cleaning the drive as each ‘cobble’ had to be cleaned separately.

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Project Patio: Paths and Patios (Delayed)

Sunday morning was the ideal time to pressure wash the patterned concrete step, path and drive in preparation for sealing it (a job that hasn’t been done as often as it should be). All was going well, though we had to change over hosepipes part-way through. And then . . . pouff or rather BANG!

Everything has now come to a halt while we wait for my brother to drop off his pressure washer sometime this evening! (A scrubbing brush and soapy water doesn’t cut it).

Hubby will check to see if it can be repaired; if not, a new one is on the cards – which will be our seventh domestic appliance to be replaced since January 2020. Our sixth domestic appliance is the Dyson vacuum cleaner which blew up on Friday!

Thank goodness from now on everything must be repairable in the UK, with parts easily obtained!

Another Lockdown Package

A lens kit for my mobile phone camera – a fish-eye lens and a macro/wide angle lens. Just clip it on and snap away!

But it’s not a simple as that. First you need to get the clip (minus the lenses) in the right place, and add the lens of your choice (they are quite small) – then you can take your photos.




Slugs or snails?

Hours of fun to be had with this kit, once I get the lens in the right place on my phone.

2021 Projects: #1 Potting Shed Shenanigins

Last autumn, I decided I needed to sort out the large greenhouse (sometimes referred to as The Potting Shed. With my OU course taking up most of my time, and rain for weeks on end, I decided to leave it until spring and contented myself with drawing up a plan. It’s a long time since we converted what was a pergola and deck (built in 1999) to a shed with the addition of a roof and sides.

Everythings must be easily accessible. The right-hand cupboard has two doors, so I’ve allowed space for them to open. The left-hand cupboard is in three sections – top and bottom have two doors, but the middle is a drop-down flap; again, the space needed is indicated.

I’ve also got a folding kitchen table (used as a potting table or extra growing space). It was just a matter of moving the cupboards (which meant emptying the shed and the cupboards) .


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Raised Bed B: A social isolation project

Two years ago, when the builders rebuilt our wall and built my two raised beds, the weather was atrocious. Heavy rain, snow, icy winds – the Beast from the East struck at just the wrong time. By the time they were shovelling back all the soil, neither they – not I – cared what was going into the hole.

Before I began planting, I had dug through both beds to remove what rubble, stones and bricks I could, but I was too eager to start planting (and too tired by the time I got to this one) that I didn’t quite dig everything out. I thought if I put good compost on top of the rubbish, everything would be fine. And it was; but now there are shoots of Japanese anemone coming up, and no matter how deep I dig, I cannot get to the bottom of them to remove them. Continue reading “Raised Bed B: A social isolation project”