Insulating the Greenhouse (3)

With plenty of seedling growing in the potting shed, and hundreds thousands of salad leaf seeds to sow, I was determined to get the salvaged bubble-wrap pinned to the inside of the greenhouse. I used drawing pins – easy to remove and minimal damage to the wood.

The bubble-wrap originally protected the polycarbonate sheets while in transit.

Bubble wrap can’t be recycled or burned so it would have ended up in landfill. As it is estimated that it takes 500+ years to decompose, that is not something I’m comfortable doing until I have re-used and re-purposed it many, many times.


Additional Heating

I’ve been looking at possible ways to warm the greenhouse – and protect my salad leaves – when the temperature hits zero or below. Preferably at low or no cost.

There is power point nearby for electic heaters and I have bad memories of smelly, smoky parafin heaters.

I found information on the internet about using candles to heat nested terracotta pots; the idea being that instead of the heat from the candle rising up, the pots (linked with a steel bolt suspended on nuts and washers) will warm up and – similar to storage heaters – will retain and then release heat.

The cheapest version is a Cornish Heater.

Do they work? Some say they do (for a small space), others say not.

And you should never leave lit candles unattended.

I’ll stick with garden fleece, and maybe tuck them up with a hot-water bottle or two on the coldest nights.

Compost Corner: Recycle/Re-use spent compost

20200405 (4)

After the mad dash in Spring to buy in bags of compost for my vegetables (the Allotment being out-of-bounds due to Covid19 travel restrictions and self-isolating measures), and with the potato harvest well underway, I will eventually be left with fifteen bags/containers of spent compost. Continue reading “Compost Corner: Recycle/Re-use spent compost”

Garden Projects: Mending Fences

Towards the end of July, I decided it was time to tackle the shady part of my garden.  Due to overhanging trees in my neighbour’s garden, lack of time over several years due to work then a full-time degree at University, I’d let this area get out of control.

The climbers – well mostly the Virginia Creeper – provided lots of privacy, but completely outgrew the space – definitely a mistake plant.

This was how it looked on Day 1 – Monday 23 July 2018

23 July 2018 (10)

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