Sedums and Sempervivums

4th July 2019

20190704 (29)

1 August 2019

20190801 (30)

Some growth on the sempervivums, and a lot of weeds!

27 August – Bank Holiday Saturday

As this bed is in the shade until mid-afternoon (not perhaps ideal for sedums and sempervivums), it is the ideal spot to carry out some much needed weeding while the back of the house bakes in the sun.


It was difficult to see the house-leeks in between all the weeds

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Weed-free (for now), I dressed the bed with horticultural grit, then added decorative grit on top.

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Much improved, and room for more, but unless I order from the internet, I am restricted to what is available in my local garden centre – if there’s anything left after the weekend!

I did manage to grow this from a piece that ‘dropped off’ a plant at the garden centre

20190824 (3)

And gave this pot a tidy up to remove all the dead matter after the larger house-leeks flowered and died.

20190824 (8)

So I’ve plenty to add to the bed to bulk it out a bit.

My New Sedum & Sempervivums Bed

11 August 2018 (5)

Part whatever of my 101 Things to do with old Bricks project!!

I laid out these bricks last year.

20190421 (3)

And added this pot containing white saxifraga.

Meanwhile, I’d been growing sempervivums in pots – both small

20190512 (7)

and large.

20190614 (15)

On the first dry and sunny day of Summer, I decided it was time to get on with it.

20190622 (9)

First of all, I emptied the troughs that had held the Swiss Chard, which I’d lined with horticultural grit, then growbag compost.

20190622 (11)

Next, I started digging out my very shady back border – where I’m going to put my new compost bins – and carted the soil around to the front of the house.

Then I planted it up with my sempervivums, leaving room for them to  spread, and tucked in a few sprigs of various sedums (which had ‘fallen’ into my hands at the garden centre).

20190622 (12)

I know they prefer well-drained gritty soil, and don’t like sitting in water, so raised bricks/gritty compost/wind shelter and later afternoon sun should suit them.

20190622 (14)

Fingers crossed!

20190622 (15)