My New Sedum & Sempervivums Bed

11 August 2018 (5)

Part whatever of my 101 Things to do with old Bricks project!!

I laid out these bricks last year.

20190421 (3)

And added this pot containing white saxifraga.

Meanwhile, I’d been growing sempervivums in pots – both small

20190512 (7)

and large.

20190614 (15)

On the first dry and sunny day of Summer, I decided it was time to get on with it.

20190622 (9)

First of all, I emptied the troughs that had held the Swiss Chard, which I’d lined with horticultural grit, then growbag compost.

20190622 (11)

Next, I started digging out my very shady back border – where I’m going to put my new compost bins – and carted the soil around to the front of the house.

Then I planted it up with my sempervivums, leaving room for them to  spread, and tucked in a few sprigs of various sedums (which had ‘fallen’ into my hands at the garden centre).

20190622 (12)

I know they prefer well-drained gritty soil, and don’t like sitting in water, so raised bricks/gritty compost/wind shelter and later afternoon sun should suit them.

20190622 (14)

Fingers crossed!

20190622 (15)