Six on Saturday: 10 April 2021

A lovely sunny morning here in North Wales, but despite a nip in the air, things are growing – and are very welcome. My efforts this week may not be as colourful as others’ so if it colour you’re after, take a look at The Propagator’s blog, and check out the links in the comments for a Spring feast for the eyes.

This week’s featured image is purple sprouting broccoli – one survivor in my raised beds. There may be sprouts too. Finally!

The ups and downs of the weather over the last week (snow on Monday and Tuesday) hasn’t affected the clematis Montana on the trellis in The Shady Border – the white (left) is always a few weeks behind the pink (right).

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Six on Saturday: 3 April 2021

Yesterday (Good Friday) was ‘Clean the Conservatory’ Day – my annual top-to-bottom (or as high as I can reach without falling off the stepladder) dust-busting, cobweb-removing blitz. This year, it took a total of five hours (including one coffee break and a quick lunch). The furniture is back in place, so are the ornaments, just the plants to go back to finish it off. With temperatures set to hit zero degrees by Monday, I won’t be sitting in there just yet, Soon, though.


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Six on Saturday: 27 March 2021

After a night of mixed weather (cold, hail, frost), the sun may be out but the wind is cold. Not a day to potter outside, so I’ll be getting on with my end-of-module writing and dipping in and out of other Sixes on Saturday for a bit of light relief.

I finally moved the pots of Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu and muscari to a lighter and brighter area of the patio, and the extra light has already made a difference. After a week, the crocus are coming to an end, the anemones are flowering, and the muscari have emerged.

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