The Allotment Diaries

Planning for 2021

This time last year, I was full of plans for my new allotment bed. I’d filled it, weeded it, and sowed a green manure crop of red clover, which looked amazing – apparently. I never saw it ‘in real life’ as Welsh lockdown rules meant no driving to take exercise, and plans had to be scrapped. I didn’t go back until late summer.

Fingers crossed things will be better for 2021 and these delayed plans will come to fruition.

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The Final Allotment Diaries 2020

The featured image is the small pond we pass to get to the allotments. It shows the car park and the main path; our access is to the left, out of sight. In the background is part of the mountain where I live, though our village is further round to the left and not visible.

This is a link to the park. Not a park in the conventional sense, but a proposed heritage park celebrating links with nearby Roman Chester. The video is a projection of the site in the future, not as it looks now.

And this is where we are – a very small part of a larger landscape.

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The Allotment Diaries: 11 August 2020

As I re-open the pages of my Allotment Diary, it is 22 weeks since I last visited the allotments. All my plans were scuppered by Covid19, but it is time to get back on track.

Task One


When my shady patio is liberally sprinkled with fresh sawdust, it means we have started a new project. In this case Version 2 of the rabbit proof cages/barriers for the allotment bed. Continue reading “The Allotment Diaries: 11 August 2020”