The Allotment Diaries: September

A visit at the beginning of the month gave me a chance to see how the red clover I sowed in the middle of last month was progressing. While growth is patchy, at least it is growing. I quickly hammered in my sign explaining that this was a green manure crop, as I don’t want anyone ‘helping’ by weeding my patch.

Red Clover information sign

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The Allotment Diaries: August (2)

20190817 (3)
The filled bed, complete with red clover seeds (and doggy footprints)

I spent a little time raking the soil and removing the odd weed/seedling that had grown since last week.  The problem with bought-in topsoil is that you don’t know where it has come from.  This has a fair amount of plastic shreds, bits of string, and pieces of glass mixed in, with a few weeds starting to grow too. Continue reading “The Allotment Diaries: August (2)”