The Allotment Diaries: Update

It’s been a couple of days shy of 12 weeks since I last visited my allotment bed and started digging in the red clover green manure, ready for planting out my chitted potatoes.

I’d planned to dig over the potato section (1/3) and then do a little bit at a time while seeds were germinating and herb cuttings were growing.

But a combination of wet weather at the start of March and Covid19 from then on, meant I had to suspend all thoughts of visiting as I would have to drive there, and that’s not allowed here in Wales.

So I have been extremely jealous of those who live within walking distance and have been able to visit, and share their photographs. I had visions of my bed letting the side down by growing nothing but weeds.

How wrong I was!

This morning, one of our member mentioned she was going to her bed to collect some veg, so I asked her to take a photograph of my bed so I could see what I would be facing when I finally get to go again.

This is what she posted.

20200524 (S Smuts) (1)

Yes, there are a few weeds poking through, but look at that Red Clover, isn’t that rather lovely?

20200524 (S Smuts) (2)

The bees must be ecstatic with all that nectar.

Sadly, I don’t know yet when I can go back. We each have a key for the main gate, but mine doesn’t work and there’s little chance of getting a new one cut for now.

They’ve finally got water piped to the site, so that’s good news. And those who visit are very good at watering the other plots. But, for now, my plans are on hold.

If this red clover is all I manage to grow until next year, it’s still worth in, even if I never get to see it ‘live’.




The Allotment Diaries: April 2020

20200306 (7)

If we could have forseen what was ahead;
scried our fortune in a dark-mirrored pool,
read auras; sought enlightenment,
or divined the future from the way tiny
bleached-white bones of long-dead creatures
tossed and tumbled onto an old brass tabletop.
Would we have believed it?
How could we?



With travel restricted due to coronavirus, I am currently unable to visit the allotment. This has meant a re-think on how to manage the seeds, onion sets, and potatoes I had already started in readiness. But also means planning for veg that can be sown later in the year. Non-essential items ordered online may not be delivered for several weeks as companies concentrate on essential items while keeping their own staff safe.

For now, therefore, The Allotment Diaries are suspended.


The Allotment Diaries: September

A visit at the beginning of the month gave me a chance to see how the red clover I sowed in the middle of last month was progressing. While growth is patchy, at least it is growing. I quickly hammered in my sign explaining that this was a green manure crop, as I don’t want anyone ‘helping’ by weeding my patch.

Red Clover information sign

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The Allotment Diaries: August (2)

20190817 (3)
The filled bed, complete with red clover seeds (and doggy footprints)

I spent a little time raking the soil and removing the odd weed/seedling that had grown since last week.  The problem with bought-in topsoil is that you don’t know where it has come from.  This has a fair amount of plastic shreds, bits of string, and pieces of glass mixed in, with a few weeds starting to grow too. Continue reading “The Allotment Diaries: August (2)”