Oops – I did it again…

…ordered more vegetable seeds, that is!

I blame my friend D. It’s her birthday at the end of March and we were chatting (texting) as you do, and I mentioned I had an excess of Boltardy beetroot seeds. So she said I could give her a packet for her birthday – cheap present, I thought.

Then I thought, I’ll just have a quick look at the seed catalogue… I need some herbs and stuff! To distract you – for a moment – from what I ordered, here is D’s birthday card, made by my own fair hands and featuring:

  • a handy laminated cartoon beetroot (to use as a label)
  • a packet of seeds (there will be a packet of multi-coloured mixed beets added)
  • a cheesy greeting (also laminated to mark the other end of the row)
  • Sowing and growing instructions – adapted (not by me) to suit our own area

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Rethink: #1

A little Sunday afternoon project:

Wanting a rest from the studies and finding myself with an excess of cardboard packaging, I’ve been making some cardboard tubes ready to start sowing leek seeds.

I made 16 tubes from just one of these book packages. The cardboard is thinner than that for a box and by following the ‘grain’ of the cardboard, it is easy to roll. Pull off the flaps and cut them in half, cut the remaining box in half and divide into 3 inch sections. Roll until the edges meet and use sticky tape top and bottom (wrapped around) to seal.

Image result for amazon book packaging images