Are you seeing ALL comments made on your posts?

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I’ve noticed recently that when I leave a comment on some posts, they don’t show up. At first I thought it was just a delay because the internet was/is extra busy since lockdown. But now I think it could be certain settings on some WordPress blogs.

So if I have ‘liked‘ your blog post, I might have left a comment too – but have you seen it?

Now it could be that you don’t want to read comments from me – and that’s fine – you don’t have to.

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Six on Saturday: 17 November 2018 (On Sunday)


A day late as I had nothing to share until this morning.  Head over to The Propagator’s blog, to see what everyone else has been up to.

As the sun is out, I decided to tackle the front border, with the help of a robin who perched nearby keeping his beady eye open for any grubs.  Not close enough for a photograph though! Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 17 November 2018 (On Sunday)”

Six on Saturday: 3 November 2018

The first image for this week’s Six on Saturday is shared to shame me into spending some time in my shed and tidying it up.  This is part of a cupboard built by my hubbie to my design.  It’s based on one of those old kitchen cupboards from the 1950s – a cupboard underneath, another at the top, and a flap that folds down, which I used as my potting bench – this is that bit.

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Six on Saturday: 27 October 2018

A bright and sunny day here in North East Wales, but cold.  I was surprised to see on the news that some places have had snow!

This week, as well as looking at my own garden for Six on Saturday, I’ve taken a sneaky look at those of my neighbours too.

20181023 Around the Village (1)

This is the fuchsia in my front garden – still producing flowers and with more to come.  I’ve taken cuttings from it this year as I want to eventually plant it as an informal hedge. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 27 October 2018”