Six on Saturday: 16 May 2020

First, a quick question. I’ve just been quoted £2.79 for a growbag from our local independent garden centre (car park collections only). Is that a reasonable price – assuming they are a standard 3-tomato type?

A technical error (me hitting the wrong key) has resulted in the here’s-one-I-made-earlier Six for this Saturday disappearing into the ether never to be seen again; so here is my second attempt.

With cold and/or wet weather for most of the week, I was pleasantly surprised to see my neighbour’s laburnum in full flower. This tree must be sixty feet at it’s highest, but not by our boundary, thankfully. I look forward to all the blossom dropping all over my patio (NOT) (1)

20200515 (2)

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Another lockdown project

When your mini-greenhouse begins to lean further and further over, despite giving it a couple of ‘crutches’, then it’s time to take it apart, salvage what you can and re-purpose it

20200303 (1) RR

. . . into potting shed temporary staging. Continue reading “Another lockdown project”

Six on Saturday: 9 May 2020

As I write this, the sun is shining and thousands of tiny birch seeds are parachuting past the window. It was 17C at our local Lidl car park at 8 am, yet forecasters are warning of plunging temperatures overnight with the possibility of frost in ‘The North’.  This could mean anywhere north of Watford, or the far north (Scotland); who knows.

Just in case, I’m going to cover my vegetable beds, potato bags and pots (and anything else in pots) with bubble-wrap later this afternoon.

But first, here are my Six for today.

First, my trusty Dymo label printer.

20200502 (2) 20200502 (1)

I’ve had this one for a few years now, bought specifically for craft projects. It’s now proving invaluable in the production of waterproof and fade-free labels for seeds/seedling, as are the selection of wooden chopsticks I’ve collected over the years from those supermarked trays of sushi. But there are still seedlings whose provenance I’ve forgotten. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 9 May 2020”

The Potato Diaries: 2020 – January to May

24th January

Seed potatoes are already appearing in garden centres now the Christmas decorations have finally been removed.

With my new allotment bed now available for the coming year, I have decided to plant early potatoes – Swift for preference – in containers at home, and main-crop potatoes – Desiree once more – at the allotment, where I have room for sixteen plants using the Square Foot gardening technique. I don’t think I’ll bother with second earlies this year.

20200124 (12)

Swift are on the left and Desiree on the right.  I ‘rescued’ this polystyrene tray from the packaging on the top of my new washing machine and thought it would be ideal for chitting the potatoes.  Continue reading “The Potato Diaries: 2020 – January to May”

Six on Saturday: 2 May 2020

I can’t believe that four months of this year have gone already.  January gave us false hope of an early end to Winter. February was a washout.  March was too cold for anything and April was – almost – too hot. Then we finally had rain and all the water butts are full.

But the garden has taken all nature could throw at it and came back fighting.

20200425 (1)

Last weekend, we put our water feature up. much to the delight of a couple of wasps who perched on the edge to sip at droplets of water.  I’ve had to remove the beginnings of two wasps nests – one inside my potting cupboard in my shed, the other from our wood store. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 2 May 2020”