Happy New Year

Did you notice the name change?

The sun was out earlier, but now grey clouds have moved in and it’s raining. But lunch is in the oven – roast beef with roasted root vegetables – including more of my own-grown Pink Fir Apple potatoes.

These are quite small, but there are larger potatoes lurking just under the surface of the last three bags from last year. My idea of bringing them into the potting shed still in their compost has been successful for a second year. By the time I need the space for other things, they should be finished.

Also for lunch is home-grown greens – a mix of kale, curly kale and sprout tops. (No sprouts ever appeared.)

I don’t make New Year resolutions – and with the current state of affairs, they’d be broken in a week – but hopefully I will be able to get more use from my allotment bed.

As we’ve both been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), me a few years ago and my husband recently (just before Christmas!!) so we’ll need even more salads, herbs, and vegetables.

Though we haven’t been out for our daily walk for weeks, we resurrected our old Wii-Fit and have been using that for our aerobic exercise.

30 minutes on the stepper burns approximately 133 calories.

Unfortunately ONE mince pie comes in at 157 calories!!

Six on Saturday: 26 December 2020 – Failure is Always an Option

On this dry but cold and windy Boxing Day, with yesterday’s leftovers already in the oven (on the timer) and a brain banjaxed by a steady diet of what passes for Christmas entertainment, it’s a relief to sneak a little me-time on our usual Saturday morning peek over the garden fences of other Saturday Sixers, thanks to The Propagator, who keeps us sane in these mad times.

No snow here on Christmas Day, but our first sharp frost left frozen bird baths. We’ve had three queen wasps in the house in the last week, so chances are it’s going to get a lot colder. I’ll be hibernating!

It’s that time of the year when I like to look back at some of the things that didn’t quite go as planned: the vegetables and plants that didn’t bother to read the memo telling them this was their year to shine!

Get your lovely carrots here! A little smaller than I was hoping for . . . (The coin is a two pence piece.) Who said carrots are easy to grow? They did taste very carroty though.

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I Have Parsnips . . .

. . . Christmas Lunch is saved

After the struggle my brother had to dig up this parsnip back in November, I expected mine to put up a fight and, thinking it might have grown down below the depth of the raised bed, went armed with a hand-trowel and mattock. But thanks to the hundred-and- forty-days of rain we’ve had, I managed to pull mine out – carefully – by hand.

The little one is a bonus as I thought there was only one, and there’s no sign of slug damage!