Little seeds of Joy

I always have to remind myself not to panic when I see others have sown their vegetable seeds and are even potting them on into larger pots or planning to plant them outside. This post is to remind myself to do things in my own time, based on previous years, as it will all work out in the end. Better late than never, and if something fails, just try again.

Leeks: Lyon (12 cells), Musselburgh (4 cells)

18 February 2021

13 March

And after three weeks – LEEKS! Yes, they’re tiny, but they’ve germinated and are growing.

24 March

31 March

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More Seeds

The free seeds with this month’s Kitchen Garden Magazine include this tomato, a cordon cherry “tasting of raspberries, blackberries and other summer fruits”. Only 10 seeds though. It sounds very exotic.

This aubergine is “as easy to grow as a tomato” – with around 90 seeds, there will be some for the Community Garden seed swap.

And the ever-popular Mixed Oriental salad leaves – for all year round – though not doing particularly well in either the Tiny Greenhouse, or the mini-greenhouse inside the Potting Shed.