Six on Saturday: 10 July 2021

A grey day so far, cool too. Everything that needed it had a good watering and feed yesterday, and there seems to be a lull in the vegetable production, though salad leaves of several varieties are still going. In the front border, I’ve deadheaded all the peonies; they only lasted a couple of weeks this year and no sign of further buds – perhaps the clumps need splitting, a job on the list for autumn. I’ve also managed to beat the birds to the alpine strawberries and have a few handfuls in the freezer. When I have enough, we’ll eat them with some ice-cream.

Right, time for my Six on Saturday selection – six things in the garden – suggested by The Propagator and the highlight of the gardening week (along with Gardener’s World on the tellybox).

It’s honeysuckle time in the shady borders at the back of the house (under the trees).

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Tree Bumblebee

This little chap dropped in while we were having morning coffee. Had a drink of water (rainwater left in the hollows of our wrought-iron table); washed his face; groomed his fur (called pile) and stretched out each leg to be brushed by the one next to it.

Photos are a little fuzzy (like the bee) because using a clip-on macro lens on a mobile phone when you can’t see the screen because of bright sunlight is rather hit and miss. You can just see his white rump.

Identify your own bees . . .

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