Top Secret Project: New Shed

And hardly worth the wait. But this is my record of what we’ve been doing at home – and when.

Between my Potting Shed and the Log Store is our coal and bucket shed where we store bags of smokeless fuel (for our multifuel stove), and the mop bucket, the ash bucket and anything else I can squeeze in. This is how it has looked for the last few years.

We’ve had this particular shed for approximately twelve years. The previous one (smaller) lasted for fifteen years, Hubby built the first one of tongue and groove, but decided to use marine ply for the second shed. Between driving rain and wood-chewing wasps, the front, roof, floor and both sides have de-laminated, split and rotted, so time for another new shed – using feather-board this time – and recycling what we can.

Day 1 (15 June)

But before construction comes destruction. Almost all the old boards must be cut into smaller sections ready for a trip to the skip either later in the week or next week. He also kept calling me away from the jobs I’d planned in the front garden. We had to stop at 1pm – it was far too hot to continue.

The new shed is going to be slightly smaller. Two inches less on the width and several inches off the height (to be determined by maximum featherboard length – and may possibly stand on a plinth to keep the base out of standing water.

So, there is a scale plan, neatly drawn with angles calculated and measurements in inches and millimetres?

NO. Because I’m not involved in the design! He’s making it up as he goes along. If we’d planned, I’d have researched green roofs – like this one or this one – I have the sedums!

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