Jobs for the Week

The list of garden jobs I planned for last weekend have stretched out over the week, thanks to a visit to the Allotment on Sunday, a very cold and dull Monday, and not forgetting the studying.

DONE: Re-connect the Potting Shed waterbutt and tape the joints (and I remembered to turn the tap off). As we’ve had no rain since, I’ve had to water the garden with the hose – we need a new one!

DONE: Sow early carrot and beetroot seeds – probably a waste of time, but fingers crossed – (at the Allotment) along with parsnips and turnips.

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Six on Saturday: 19 March 2022

There is plenty going on in the garden after a few sunny but cool days, though today is no different, Not quite warm enough to sit out without a coat due to the easterly breeze, but yesterday I sat in the conservatory and read for an hour; first time this year but with the temperature at 22 degrees, it was too good an opportunity to miss. On to this week’s Six on Saturday.

In the small shady back border, the shrub honeysuckle has plenty of leaves, though the temporary trellis of canes I made needs replacing with something sturdier and less likely to poke my husband in the eye as he goes to his shed.

Clematis ‘montana’ has flower buds forming. I think these are the pink variety.

The iris clumps I chopped down a few weeks ago are sending up new shoots (and really need splitting)

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Six on Saturday: 10 July 2021

A grey day so far, cool too. Everything that needed it had a good watering and feed yesterday, and there seems to be a lull in the vegetable production, though salad leaves of several varieties are still going. In the front border, I’ve deadheaded all the peonies; they only lasted a couple of weeks this year and no sign of further buds – perhaps the clumps need splitting, a job on the list for autumn. I’ve also managed to beat the birds to the alpine strawberries and have a few handfuls in the freezer. When I have enough, we’ll eat them with some ice-cream.

Right, time for my Six on Saturday selection – six things in the garden – suggested by The Propagator and the highlight of the gardening week (along with Gardener’s World on the tellybox).

It’s honeysuckle time in the shady borders at the back of the house (under the trees).

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Six on Saturday: 20 February 2021

Rain stops play – again – though it didn’t stop the window cleaner yesterday! I managed to sow some leek and tomato seeds in modules in the Potting Shed on Wednesday; because I think it is still a little early, weatherwise, for us, I’ve only used packets that were already opened – leeks and tomatoes (both will feature in their own posts if and when they germinate).

With warmer weather on Monday, I popped out to see what damage has been done by the recent freezing temperatures. Along with the pale purple crocus that have been flowering for two weeks or more, these pale yellow ones have appeared. I planted them in colour blocks right to left along the front border – pale purple, yellow, deep purple, white – and they come out in succession, never at the same time. You’d think I planned it that way! I didn’t.

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