Six on Saturday: 5 March 2022

The featured image is this mornings view from a west-facing bedroom window. Birds are tweeting (in my roof), the sun is shining, and the first load of washing is on. It’s a day for sowing some seeds in the Potting Shed, but I don’t have time to do it. I’ve had my head down, battling with my next OU assignment – a critical reflective reading commentary on a book and author that has influenced me. 2500 words = 95% of the marks!

With everything at a standstill in the garden after a few frosty mornings followed by grey and wet days, I’m sharing former glories from the previous three years for this weeks Six on Saturday, several of which are sadly no longer with us (cyclamen, polyanthus and violas). Of course, living in North Wales, and with St David’s Day last Tuesday, I had to include narcissi and daffodils – especially as very few are in flower for me so far this year.

This time next week, I’ll have handed my assignment in (by noon on Thursday) and hopefully will have recovered from the trauma of it all!

Have a nice weekend all. I might not have time to comment on your posts, but I hope a ‘Like’ will suffice.

Six on Saturday: 26 February 2022

I do like a frosty, sunny morning; not so much when we’re still waiting for a delivery of heating oil that keeps being put back amid claims of a shortage due to events in the Ukraine. While the people of that country have all my sympathy for getting caught up in events not of their own making, that has only really kicked off in the last week – we’ve been waiting for our delivery for three and I’m still drying washing in my Potting Shed. It’s supposed to arrive today, so while I’m waiting, here’s this week’s Six on Saturday.

After Eunice, then Franklin, there was a break in the weather on Monday afternoon, and I spotted these – the dark purple crocuses had appeared almost overnight. They are in the shadier section of the front border and appear to be inching their way towards their paler sisters as there a lot more of them than I ever planted. They are darker than they appear.

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Six on Saturday: 19 February 2022

Good morning on this grey and wet – but thankfully not as windy – day. I hope everyone survived with homes and gardens intact.

For health and safety reasons, Images 2-5 were taken from the safety of my Study window – hence the poor quality of my Six on Saturday (which should really have been a ‘One on Wednesday’ or ‘Two on Thursday’); I make the best of what I’ve got!

Before the storms, ‘Joyce’ popped her head above the parapet. She’s still there!

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Six on Saturday: 12 February 2022

Good morning from a grey and cloudy North Wales. At present a gentle breeze is wafting the branches of the tall trees across the field, but our forecast is for heavy rain later and darker clouds are moving in from the south at quite a speed. I shall follow their example and move swiftly on to my entry for Six on Saturday, hosted by The Propagator.

Last Sunday morning we heard the welcome sound of a chain-saw in our neighbour’s garden, with this result. Not quite as short as I would have liked, but a start. No sign of an action in the back garden though.

We have a view!
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Six on Saturday: 22 January 2022

There have been some gorgeous sunrises recently; the featured image above is from Tuesday morning.

Today, as throughout the week, thoughts are with the people of Tonga, and all those affected by last week’s eruption and subsequent tsunami. The pressure wave that followed was recorded here in the UK – a peak in the graph as it approached from the North (after passing over the North Pole) followed some hours later by a ‘trough’ from the longer route over the South Pole.


Current thinking is the eruption may mean a cooler summer for Europe, and an increase in spectacular sunsets over the next weeks.

Looking for some light in the darkness, aka Six on Saturday, I offer this small celebration of nature for your perusal.

Hellebore ‘Christmas Carol’ looks much better since I removed the old leaves, though after two years, I had hoped it would be more impressive than it is.

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Six from the Archives (1): 18 December 2021

Good morning from a very dark, damp, and misty corner of North East Wales. I’m counting the days until the winter solstice and the slow return to lighter, brighter days. This week and next, my entry for Six on Saturday is a retrospective of 2021 floral glories and a reminder of good things to come in 2022.


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Six on Saturday: 27 March 2021

After a night of mixed weather (cold, hail, frost), the sun may be out but the wind is cold. Not a day to potter outside, so I’ll be getting on with my end-of-module writing and dipping in and out of other Sixes on Saturday for a bit of light relief.

I finally moved the pots of Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu and muscari to a lighter and brighter area of the patio, and the extra light has already made a difference. After a week, the crocus are coming to an end, the anemones are flowering, and the muscari have emerged.

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Six on Saturday: 27 February 2021

Nearly a week of sunny dry days and cold frosty nights, and my garden doesn’t know where it is. I am itching to get stuck into tidying the raised beds but I’m holding off until well into March or even later. Instead, I am content to scatter a few vegetable seeds in modules and pots in the hope I can not only produce an early crop of edibles, but play the long game with crops for the allotment bed. I haven’t even begun to chit my potatoes – another job for next month.

Look what popped up when I wasn’t looking. They are darker and brighter than the photograph shows, but I’m still missing several clumps of yellow and all the creamy-white crocus in the middle section of the front border.

One snowdrop does not a galanthophile make!

Cyclamen disaster after the snow and ice.

I make no apologies for showing iris reticulata ‘Joyce’ each week, as it just gets better and better.

Alliums! These are from 2018, but the ones I planted in the front border have also poked their noses above the soil, so fingers crossed.

I shared the image on the left last week, but am using it as a comparison with this weeks to show the growth spurt.

So that’s my six for this week. Pop over to The Progagator’s blog for other sixes from around the globe, and share your own six items, from the garden, on a Saturday.

Six on Saturday: 20 February 2021

Rain stops play – again – though it didn’t stop the window cleaner yesterday! I managed to sow some leek and tomato seeds in modules in the Potting Shed on Wednesday; because I think it is still a little early, weatherwise, for us, I’ve only used packets that were already opened – leeks and tomatoes (both will feature in their own posts if and when they germinate).

With warmer weather on Monday, I popped out to see what damage has been done by the recent freezing temperatures. Along with the pale purple crocus that have been flowering for two weeks or more, these pale yellow ones have appeared. I planted them in colour blocks right to left along the front border – pale purple, yellow, deep purple, white – and they come out in succession, never at the same time. You’d think I planned it that way! I didn’t.

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Six on Saturday: 6 February 2021

A panoramic view of my drive (featured image) showing the Lavender Border on the left, and the sedum bed along the front of the house to the right. Further to the right, just out of shot (I didn’t turn fast enough for the camera) is the front border. For any who think I have acres more land than I show on this blog, I don’t!

I’ve given the grasses a lockdown trim and removed most of the iris foliage and dead Japanese anemone stems since I took this photograph. I just need to dig out as many anemone roots as I can, remove more iris, plant more fuchsia…

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