Six on Saturday: 12 March 2022

It’s a sunny 8 degrees in North East Wales this morning. I’m still in recovery after the mad rush to complete my essay and submit it before Thursday’s deadline (it went in on Tuesday – the extra day and a half wouldn’t have helped). I have to keep reminding myself that there are worse things to worry about than a few percentage points though I might not be so gung-ho when I see the scores on the doors. I cheered myself up by taking a break – and some snaps for Six on Saturday.

From zero to hero in a week. Hyacinth ‘Blue Pearl’ is fully open and smelling heavenly.

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Six on Saturday: 5 March 2022

The featured image is this mornings view from a west-facing bedroom window. Birds are tweeting (in my roof), the sun is shining, and the first load of washing is on. It’s a day for sowing some seeds in the Potting Shed, but I don’t have time to do it. I’ve had my head down, battling with my next OU assignment – a critical reflective reading commentary on a book and author that has influenced me. 2500 words = 95% of the marks!

With everything at a standstill in the garden after a few frosty mornings followed by grey and wet days, I’m sharing former glories from the previous three years for this weeks Six on Saturday, several of which are sadly no longer with us (cyclamen, polyanthus and violas). Of course, living in North Wales, and with St David’s Day last Tuesday, I had to include narcissi and daffodils – especially as very few are in flower for me so far this year.

This time next week, I’ll have handed my assignment in (by noon on Thursday) and hopefully will have recovered from the trauma of it all!

Have a nice weekend all. I might not have time to comment on your posts, but I hope a ‘Like’ will suffice.

Six on Saturday: 26 February 2022

I do like a frosty, sunny morning; not so much when we’re still waiting for a delivery of heating oil that keeps being put back amid claims of a shortage due to events in the Ukraine. While the people of that country have all my sympathy for getting caught up in events not of their own making, that has only really kicked off in the last week – we’ve been waiting for our delivery for three and I’m still drying washing in my Potting Shed. It’s supposed to arrive today, so while I’m waiting, here’s this week’s Six on Saturday.

After Eunice, then Franklin, there was a break in the weather on Monday afternoon, and I spotted these – the dark purple crocuses had appeared almost overnight. They are in the shadier section of the front border and appear to be inching their way towards their paler sisters as there a lot more of them than I ever planted. They are darker than they appear.

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Spring Bulbs

I don’t usually bother planting bulbs each year. Those in the front garden – crocus, grape hyacinths and dwarf narcissi – have been there for several years, with the addition of alliums and nectaroscordum in autumn 2020.

In the back garden, I have daffodils and narcissi rescued from various borders and dumped in pots. Apart from an all too brief few weeks in spring, they live at the back of the garage. The only things I took any trouble with last year were my four ‘Blue’ pots containing Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu, and grape hyacinths.

This year, however, I ordered some new bulbs (snowdrops x 50, anemone Blanda Alba x 20, and white fritillery x 15) which arrived on 6 October and had to be dealt with. (I’ve just noticed that the anemone is ‘White Splendour’ but have no idea if they are the same as ordered or a substitution, not that it matters. A white anemone is a white anemone is a white anemone!)

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Six on Saturday: 27 March 2021

After a night of mixed weather (cold, hail, frost), the sun may be out but the wind is cold. Not a day to potter outside, so I’ll be getting on with my end-of-module writing and dipping in and out of other Sixes on Saturday for a bit of light relief.

I finally moved the pots of Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu and muscari to a lighter and brighter area of the patio, and the extra light has already made a difference. After a week, the crocus are coming to an end, the anemones are flowering, and the muscari have emerged.

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Six on Saturday: 22 February 2020

After the departure of Storm Dennis last weekend, never have I been so grateful for where we live.  While living 208 metres above sea level has its challenges, one of them will never be flooding.

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