Six on Saturday: 20 March 2021

After a grey but dry start to the morning the sun has broken through the cloud cover. If it hangs around long enough, I might be tempted out to the front garden to remove some dead foliage.

I’ve been watching sparrows collecting dried Mexican feather grass, one had so many rammed into its beak it could hardly take off. Despite plenty of interest, I don’t think we have any blue tits nesting in the bird box, which is a shame. This time last year, we were building the Tiny Greenhouse and they were in and out of the nest box all day long.

Never mind, there is always plenty of wildlife to see in other Six on Saturday posts, hosted by The Propagator. I’ll be popping in from time to time to have a look between study activities.


This pot of mizuna mix is now supplementing our salads. It’s a shame it couldn’t do the same over the winter months as intended! I have a tray of the same leaves in the Potting Shed, and some new lettuce seedlings are making an effort.

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Six on Saturday: 6 March 2021

It’s another cold and grey day, though the cloud layer is starting to thin. It’s 4 degrees outside and the forecast is for minus temperatures overnight and again tomorrow. I only nipped out to water my seedlings, and that was enough for me. I’m content to read what everyone else has been up to courtesy of The Propagator’s Six on Saturday for this week.

The sweet peas survived both the extreme cold of winter and my first attempt at pinching out, but are getting too long and straggly; several have tendrils and one or two have the start of flower buds (that’s what they look like to me – without my reading glasses). Will they survive a second cutting back? Answer next week.

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Weekend Workout

Strictly speaking, a Sunday and Monday workout but who’s checking?

It’s always exciting to receive a parcel, especially when you’ve been waiting for it for a couple of months AND had to leave it in quarantine for four days!

But what is it?

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