Monthly Roundup: August

It’s been full-on in the garden this month as harvesting of potatoes, climbing beans and all things salad has continued. The freezer is slowly filling up with beans, and with foraged blackberries picked from hedgerows on our daily walk. 

The weather has been ‘changeable’ (understatement) – which led to some lovely cloud formations – while Storm Francis battered the UK in the final week of the month. Damage in my garden was restricted to this pot of chard (past its best anyway), a tomato pot blown over but no damage, and a bent sunflower.

Bulbs, onion sets, and salad leaf/herb seeds have been ordered, though I’ve only received the seeds. The weed membrane for my allotment bed finally arrived, along with the tomato feed I’ve been trying to get hold of for months. (Note to self – stock up early next year).

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Six on Saturday: 1 August 2020

Here’s one I prepared earlier – on Friday in fact – the weather being too hot by mid-afternoon to do anything outside (and I’d already spent the morning doing housework), but we dried three loads of washing, which was good.

20200730 Allotment Bed - Lockdown 20200524 (S Smuts) (1)

This is what my allotment bed looks like (left) after almost five months of lockdown. I sowed Red/Crimson Clover as a green manure last autumn, which looked lovely when it flowered (Photo taken in May), not that I was there to see it. Both images are courtesy of fellow allotmenteers. I intend visiting sooner rather than later to tackle it. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 1 August 2020”