Greenhouse Growing (6)

Let battle commence!

With an offer of three bags of grit for £12 at our nearest – and smallest – garden centre, we nipped out between showers – and before lockdown – to collect some for the next slug and snail deterrent experiment.

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Monthly Roundup: September

With Autumn officially here (22nd), my garden is preparing for hibernation. (So am I.)

With the exception of some general tidying and collecting of leaves, my gardening will mainly take place in the relative warmth of the Potting Shed and/or the Tiny Greenhouse (already the subject of their own, separate, posts) as I attempt to grow a succession of salad crops over the autumn and winter months and to start off sweet peas ready for next Summer.

And I embark on a new, non-garden related project in October as I begin a two-year Masters Degree in Creative Writing.

So this will be the final Monthly Roundup of 2020.

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