The Potato Diaries: Spring 2022

Though the supplier’s description stated these Mayan Gold maincrop potatoes didn’t need chitting, a quick check after they arrived in mid-February showed they had already begun to sprout. I had no choice but to bring them out into the light.

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The Potato Diaries: 2022 – January

A first look at this year’s seed potatoes from DT Brown, which were due by the end of January but arrived on the 11th. These are Mayan Rose maincrop potatoes; I think they look very pretty, though whether the skins keep their colour when cooked remains to be seen.

image from internet
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Six on Saturday: 11 December 2021

Another grey and damp morning here in North Wales with not a lot going on gardening wise outdoors or in, though I did remember to water my houseplants this morning and gathered more leaves from the patio yesterday during the ten-minutes of sun. So, to this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

The babies on my air plants grew large enough to be removed. I’ve used a stand that previously held hanging candle holders and three glass ‘baubles’ that I’ve had in my craft cupboard for a while waiting for the ideal project.

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