Six on Saturday: 5 March 2022

The featured image is this mornings view from a west-facing bedroom window. Birds are tweeting (in my roof), the sun is shining, and the first load of washing is on. It’s a day for sowing some seeds in the Potting Shed, but I don’t have time to do it. I’ve had my head down, battling with my next OU assignment – a critical reflective reading commentary on a book and author that has influenced me. 2500 words = 95% of the marks!

With everything at a standstill in the garden after a few frosty mornings followed by grey and wet days, I’m sharing former glories from the previous three years for this weeks Six on Saturday, several of which are sadly no longer with us (cyclamen, polyanthus and violas). Of course, living in North Wales, and with St David’s Day last Tuesday, I had to include narcissi and daffodils – especially as very few are in flower for me so far this year.

This time next week, I’ll have handed my assignment in (by noon on Thursday) and hopefully will have recovered from the trauma of it all!

Have a nice weekend all. I might not have time to comment on your posts, but I hope a ‘Like’ will suffice.

Six on Saturday: 22 February 2020

After the departure of Storm Dennis last weekend, never have I been so grateful for where we live.  While living 208 metres above sea level has its challenges, one of them will never be flooding.

If you have been affected by floodwater, you have my sympathy and my respect. Continue reading “Six on Saturday: 22 February 2020”