Monthly Roundup: April 2021

Raised Bed preparation

Raised Bed A

I tackled this bed mid-month, hoping that we’d seen the last of frosty nights! The first thing was to clear away all the daffodil and narcissi pots to give access. Second – the temporary removal of the arch. Third, remove everything else and prune the fuchsia cuttings along the wall.

I rescued as many brassica leaves as I could (for our evening meal), then dug everything out, apart from the purple sprouting broccoli. I weeded, hoed to brake up the crust on the soil surface; added loads of chicken manure pellets; added the compost from five growing bags (my failed experiment to grow salad crops over winter), and raked and hoed everything again.

I’ve used a row of bricks to separate the fuchsias from the veg bed, added a ‘fleece’ layer (to start warming the soil) topped of with upturned hanging baskets to discourage cat activity, and replaced the arch in a new position – at the front of the bed where it will – hopefully – allow easier access to peas and beans (and provide some much needed shade while we have our morning coffee – once the beans have grown). All in all, a good morning’s work.

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Six on Saturday: 10 April 2021

A lovely sunny morning here in North Wales, but despite a nip in the air, things are growing – and are very welcome. My efforts this week may not be as colourful as others’ so if it colour you’re after, take a look at The Propagator’s blog, and check out the links in the comments for a Spring feast for the eyes.

This week’s featured image is purple sprouting broccoli – one survivor in my raised beds. There may be sprouts too. Finally!

The ups and downs of the weather over the last week (snow on Monday and Tuesday) hasn’t affected the clematis Montana on the trellis in The Shady Border – the white (left) is always a few weeks behind the pink (right).

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